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How to Create and Sell Domain Names for Profit

If you know how to create and sell domain names for profit, it will be easy for you to make money online on demand. Internet domain names are the foundation on which blogs and e-commerce websites are built. To this effect, having quality name can open up for you legitimate online business opportunities in terms of advertising income, selling products and services or outright flipping the domain for cash. In this article, you will discover the best way to sell domains and make passive income online on a regular basis.

What is Domain Name?

To put it simply, a domain name is a word, combination of words, number or alphanumeric which a surfer enters on his or her browser in order to access a particular website or blog. It is the URL associated with a specific website in question. Usually, it is always followed by top-level domain (TLD) or extension e.g. .com, .net, .org, .info, etc.

Some examples of popular domain names with their extensions include:
And so on

Owning a domain is on first come, first served basis so long as it is not trademarked. It is important to mention here that no one has exclusive right to a particular domain. When you buy or register a domain name, you are expected to renew it after its expiration. A domain name is registered for 1 to 10 years.

For instance, if you register for only one year, it means you have to renew it on or before the first anniversary of your first registration. That is if you are still interested in owning and using the name for running your internet business. Failure or negligence on your part to renew your domain may force you to lose it, no matter how valuable it is to you.

How to Find Valuable Domain Names Online

First and foremost, you have to know what a valuable domain is. The common saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder also holds true here. What is valuable to you may not appeal to me at all. In other words, you may be clinging on a domain which you value so much and no one else sees any need for it.

To this end, you have to learn how to create and sell domain names which majority webmasters, domain name investors, internet entrepreneurs and end users cannot pass up without taking a look. The whole business idea is to possess something of value which a lot of online business owners will be clamoring to buy from you at a premium even without you expressly indicating your willingness to sell. 

On a global level, a name which you can create and sell for profit should possess most of the generally known characteristics of good domain. Let’s quickly discuss some of them for your benefit.

Characteristics of Good Domain Names


Personally, this is the most important consideration when creating a domain to sell at a later date. The shorter a domain is, the more value it commands. This is why,,, etc were sold for millions of dollars at various times in the past.

Although the value of a domain name is usually determined by market forces of demand and supply, it ultimately boils down to what a potential buyer is willing and able to pay. Domain shortness is based on length in character or keywords. In other words, a domain with fewer the words and/or letters is the best as long as it is descriptive in nature or it has branding value. 

For example, is better than and is far better than That is how it is!

Keyword Domain Name

A domain name which has keyword in it and is not more than 3 words will be considered valuable especially if it is category killer, product domain, generic or exact match domain (EMD). Keyword domains have the big advantage of direct or type-in traffic.

An easy way to find available keyword domain is to make use of good keyword research tool which also has a feature to search for free to register domain names. All you have to do is to enter a keyword phrase related to your target niche market and check free names with high search volume per month.

Easy to Remember

A domain which is easy to remember is usually sought after by investors, online entrepreneurs and webmasters alike. It makes it simple for potential customers to remember and find your website without leaving a chance for them to go to your competitor’s website.

There are other many characteristics of a good domain name including easy to spell, easy to pronounce, memorable, dot com preferred, no hyphen, catchy phrase, marketable, and so on. I want you to have a fair idea of the type of virtual real estate which you should always hanker after if you desire to start domain flipping business profitably.

Let’s discuss how to create and sell domain names for profit on the internet. In addition to this blog post, you can subscribe to domain name business club and download a comprehensive domain flipping guide through this web page. This was how I got started in domain name investing business. It explains everything you need to know about how to buy and sell domain names for profit on the internet.

Basically, the best way to sell domain names is to have a valuable asset which a lot of potential buyers will be interested in. You can register brand-new name for less than $10 after conducting deep keyword research in your target niche market. However, nearly all the possible domains with value have been taken up. The only hope now is to explore the new generic TLDs which are regularly released in the internet space.

Another good method for you to create and sell domain names for profit is by exploring the expired domains market. You can find expired domain names manually through or use good software to speed up the process. If you are doing this exercise manually, you have to look out for aged domains which have strong backlinks, type-in traffic and keyword in them.

As soon as you have a good domain in your possession, you can take it a step further by building a simple website or blog on it. This singular action will increase the value of your web property if anybody is interested in buying it from you down the road. This is how to create and sell domain names for profit. There is nothing complicated about this process. Simply sit down and get down to work.

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Writing SEO Articles- Quick and Easy Way to Make Money from Home Online

Writing SEO articles is quick and easy way to make money from home online if you are a webmaster, internet marketer, affiliate marketer or freelance writer. As an affiliate marketer, you can learn how to write SEO articles and use it to get free targeted traffic to your website when you rank your web pages in the SERP for your target keyword phrases. As a freelance writer, you can offer SEO content writing services from your blog and charge clients per hour or per article.

What I want to discuss with you here is how to find profitable keywords and writing SEO articles around them as an affiliate marketer. It will help you to rank a web page which is targeting a long tail keyword phrase in search engines like The ability to rank your web page on page one of major search engines for low competition keyword which has buyer’s intention will drive free targeted traffic to your website. This will ultimately translate to more website visitors, subscribers list, sales and profits if your sales funnel is set up properly.

With that said, let’s get started.

What is SEO?

First and foremost, SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. It is a technique or process of creating and publishing content on a website with the aim of rank the content in search engines such as,,, etc for its target key phrase.

Search engine is simply a software program which enables an information seeker to find what he is searching for on the World Wide Web when he types his query related to his topic or subject into the search field. The search engines crawl, spider and index web pages on different subjects and topics on regular basis. It indexes and ranks web pages based on various websites’ content relevance and importance in line with searcher’s query.  

Based on its algorithm, every search engine usually rank websites and blogs which are intentionally or unintentionally targeting the keyword phrase which an info seeker enters into the search engine. As it were, blogs and websites that rank on page one will be deemed to be more important and relevant than others which appear in pages two onward for any specific keyword a person types.

Aside writing SEO articles, you have to understand on-page and off-page search engine optimization so that you can consolidate your web pages’ ranking in SERP (search engine results page) for the long term. However, you have to bear it in mind that a good SEO article is one which is search engine friendly and human readable at the same time. It is not enough to curry favor with search engines and provoke the ire of your potential readers and customers.  

To this end, I will be looking at quality content which has 2 percent maximum keyword density in order to avoid keyword stuffing penalty from search engines especially the Big Google. In the past and now, search engines are always after webmasters who are utilizing black hat methods to cut corners so that they can rank their websites for various target keywords.

As you learn how to write SEO articles, always remember that search engines will punish your website for stuffing keyword phrases into published articles. You have to write and include your target search term in the content in a natural way so that it can be readable and engaging.

How to Know What People is Searching Online

Writing SEO articles starts with keyword research. First, you have to know what online shoppers and information seekers are looking for before you can create content to target it. The easiest way to find search terms which they are entering into search engines is with keyword research tools. There are many free and paid keyword research software which you can make use of.

Personally, I make use of the free Google Keyword Planner (formerly Google Keyword Tool) and Long Tail Pro software. The major advantage of using paid keyword research tool over free keyword tool is the ability to analyze low competition search terms for profitability and ease of ranking in a matter of minutes. Although you can manually analyze keyword phrases in order to determine their competitiveness, it can be cumbersome to say the least.

But if you are a beginning internet marketer, you can learn the ropes by doing everything manually so that you know how it works. This is how I got started too. You may want to download my free ebook on how to use Keyword Planner from Google to get yourself started. 

How to Write SEO Articles

Before you start writing SEO articles, you have to decide on the title. In other words, you must have chosen a niche market and keyword phrase to pursue in your content creation. For example, in this blog post, my niche market is affiliate marketing and my topic is how to write SEO content to drive free traffic to my website.

Basically, a typical SEO article can be broken down into the following sections:

  1. Title or Heading
  2. Introduction
  3. Body
  4. Conclusion

In today’s search engine standard, quality SEO article should be 1,000 words or above filled with useful information in order to cut it. This means you have to be prepared to write quality content of more than 1,000 words every time you sit down to work.

First of all, I have to research the topic in by typing in my target keyword in the search box in order to know which websites are ranking on pages 1 to 5. Next, I will go to the individual web pages of the ranking websites and read the content. During this my research stage, I will take down notes which I can refer to for ideas when I start writing.

If it is a specialized subject which is not familiar to me, I may visit niche market forums, educational and government websites to get ideas and the common lexicon used in industry. It is fun when researching and writing SEO articles as an affiliate marketer because you can project how much affiliate commissions you will earn when you are able to rank your content on page one of

Do you know what I have done with this article? I simply followed the way I write SEO articles for publication to teach you how to do it! Let’s examine this article closely.

First of all, I did a little research on this topic because it is already my forte. The next step was to create an outline which will serve as my guide or road map when writing the content. Creating an outline when you are writing an ebook or article is important so that you don’t omit vital information in your work.

The Title of the Article

The keyword phrase which you are targeting should be in the title of your article. My target keyword phrase for this article is “writing SEO articles.” But to make it more readable and attention grabbing, I decided to add “quick and easy way to make money from home online.”

It is advisable to make sure your target search term comes earlier in the title if possible. It helps as far as search engine optimization is concerned! You have to be creative about it. Websites that are actively targeting low competition long tail keywords always put their words in the title.


The introductory paragraph is where you introduce your readers to the topic at hand. In the first or second sentence, you should also try as much as you can to include your keyword. Although search engine algorithm is more intelligent now to read the whole content and know what it is all about, you will be better off by including your key phrase in the first sentence.


The body of the article is where you will give the meat of the content to your readers to consume. You should write in short sentences and create short paragraphs as well. There may be need to add sub headings in the body of your article. Depending on the level of information which you have to provide for your website visitors, the body of the article can run into lots of paragraphs. 

At this time, you should look for natural ways and places to include the target phrase. I do intersperse my content with alternative and LSI keywords. LSI stands for latent semantic indexing. If your article topic is about table, it is natural to mention chair somewhere in your content if it fits naturally.


The conclusion will wrap up everything you have discussed in the introduction and body of your article. But the most important take away when writing SEO articles is to make your text conversational, interesting, engaging, informative and entertaining.

I have discovered that quality content can considerably reduce the bounce rate and engage your readers to stay longer on your web pages or website. As much as you can, pay special attention to grammar, spelling, sentence structure and syntax. If you can make your content shareable, the better for you!

Above all, remember you have to promote your article in order to drive visitors to your blog. Quality content is king, no doubt; but you can no longer publish your content and expect people to find it on their own.  Cutthroat competition is making it harder to rank web pages which are targeting various long tail keyword phrases. What you can do to be ahead of the competition is to promote the hell out of your article.

You should also remember to make your keyword phrase the URL of your content.

Benefits of Writing SEO Articles and Ranking Them

Here are few of the benefits which you will derive from creating unique content around keywords and ranking them on the first pages of search engines.

  • You will regularly get free targeted traffic to your website or blog content which you have monetized with your own products or affiliate products.
  • Advertisers will be willing to buy advertising ad spaces from your web site.

For further reading on writing SEO articles, pick 5-10 of keyword phrases in different niche markets and enter them one by one into search engines:

  • Without quotation marks e.g. your keyword phrase
  • With quotation marks e.g. “your keyword phrase”
  • With allintitle: e.g. allintitle:” your keyword phrase”

Read and study a lot of articles on your target keywords as you can and pay particular attention to how and where keywords are placed in the content by different webmasters who are ranking. All in all, writing SEO articles can be of tremendous benefit to internet marketers, affiliate marketers and freelance writers.

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How to Get Free Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Starting an online business and running it successfully is quite simple if you know how to go about it professionally. Unfortunately, a lot of internet entrepreneurs never get around the secrets of online business success. Starting a business on the internet and making money with it is as simple as ABC. In short, I simply tag everything I do on the web as “the WCT Strategy.”

Without wasting much of your time, let’s see what the WCT Strategy stands for:

W- Create a simple website around related products and services which you will be promoting.
C- Regularly publish quality content on your blog.
T- Constantly get free targeted traffic to your blog from various sources and build backlinks in the process.

Let us quickly take a look at the website, content and traffic strategy.


As an online business owner, you need to build a website or blog for your product, service or information if you hope to earn money on the web. At different levels of costs, you can get a website to start an online business. I will look at the 3 options available and you can decide which option is best for you at the moment.

Free Blog Option

If you are starting an internet business as a beginner and you don’t have a dime to invest, this option of starting a blog is open to you. There are lots of free blogs on the web to start with but be careful to read their terms of services for the platform you are signing up with.

The most popular free blogs are and You cannot promote affiliate products on (NOT which will not go down well with you as an affiliate marketer. As for, you can promote affiliate products and services on your website.

In order to create an account with, you have to create a free account and then use your email ID to sign up with Blogger. You can read my ebook on how to make money online for free using free Blogger blog platform to start your own business.

The major disadvantage of using a free blog is that you are limited with what you can do when it comes to monetizing your blog. Also, the sub domain name you choose is not professional as it is attached to the main domain which you sign up with. 

Register Domain Name and Host It with Free Hosting Site

This is another better option open to you. You can register your own domain name and set it up to point to the domain name servers of free hosting site of your choice. If you ask me, this is far better than the free blog option discussed previously.

It will cost you less than $10 to buy a domain name and own it per year with NameCheap. The cost of renewing the domain every year as your own will not be more than $15 even if you include the cost of WhoIs Guard privacy protection.

After you register a domain name, go to (if you are using Blogger free hosting) and create a account. Simply follow the instructions on this Google web page to customize your domain to point to Google domain name servers. Like I said before, domain name registration is less than $10 if you register it with Search for the current month’s coupon code from and use it to save about $1.03 per domain name.

The biggest advantage of buying a domain is that you can use your custom name for promotion instead of the sub domain you are given by free blog websites. When you start making money online consistently, you can transfer your domain and website content to your own web host without any hassles.

Investing just $10 for a whole year to pick up a brand domain from NameCheap or any other reliable registrar can save you lots of headache in the future when your business starts growing and expanding. I have experimented with all the 3 options of creating a website as discussed in this ebook and this option is the second best if you are not going with the self-hosted blog option.

You can use the method to learn the ropes and immediately your monthly income is consistent, say making $100 a month from home online, you can switch to the next option which is having self-hosted blog on a domain.

Self-hosted Blog Website

A business-minded internet entrepreneur should be able to start an online business with about $30 from the beginning. You will invest this money to register a domain name, buy website hosting and buy email marketing software. Having your own hosting service will enable you to install Wordpress blog on your domain, customize it for on-page search engine optimization and publish articles on the fly.

Starting a blog with is the most popular option and it is beginner friendly too. You can watch free video tutorials on how to install Wordpress blog on your domain name and you will be good to go.

The only challenge with self-hosted blog for beginners is just the monthly fees associated with web hosting and email service providers which they have to pay. But if you know what you are doing in your business, you can make $100 a month in your first 30 days of starting an online business. You can re-invest about $30 out of your monthly profits to pay for your essential internet marketing tools and services such as web hosting and email marketing software.

I have good news for you. In your first month of signing up with HostGator web hosting service, you can pay only one cent ($0.01) for your hosting through this HostGator web page. Simply remember to apply the coupon code, hgcpncode02, when you are checking out.

Also GetResponse offers free autoresponder account in your first month of signing up with them. Click here now to go to that free web page and sign up for GetResponse free account for the first 30 days.

All in all, with a fully self-hosted blog, you are at liberty to promote lots of affiliate products and services, do 301 redirect links, set up squeeze page and newsletter on your blog or even sell your domain name and website for big cash pay day if you need quick cash somewhere down the road.      


Website content represents articles, videos, audios, images, podcasts, webinars, e-courses, newsletter, software, templates, free ebooks, paid ebooks, just name it, which you continually publish on your blog. As an internet marketer, you must learn SEO (search engine optimization) so that creating content with SEO in mind will not be a problem.


It is not just about traffic but TARGETED traffic to your website. There are various sources of website traffic which you can deploy on your internet business. But you must master one traffic source for promoting your websites. It will help you to quickly grow your visitors every time you launch a website or blog.
Here is where webmasters who are not making money online fail. If you build a website and publish hundred of articles on it and you don’t promote it, nobody will know that your blog exists. And the few people who will visit your blog may not be serious buyers. Here is what I mean; regular targeted traffic to your web site is the backbone of making money online, day in and day out.

Let me quickly give you an example so that you understand why you have to constantly drive targeted traffic to your web site on a daily basis. Let’s assume you just opened a brick-and-mortar variety shop in your neighborhood. If you don’t tell lots of potential buyers that your shop is open for business, I guess only few people who walk past the street where it is situated will know it exists.

But if you take the time to CONSTANTLY share fliers, advertise in the national dailies, do radio jingles, etc, about your shop, you will experience jump in sales over time because your customers base will gradually grow.

Please always bear this in mind so that I don’t sound like a broken record. If you don’t advertise your website regularly (read:DAILY), you may never be able to earn full time income online in the near future. It doesn’t matter how aesthetically designed your blog is or the hundreds of quality SEO articles which you have published on it.

I have a rule of thumb which I always follow in my internet business and it has always worked well for me over the years. It is called the Pareto principle or 80-20 rule. I invest 20 percent of my time to write and publish content on my blog and invest the balance 80 percent to promote my website. For instance, I can start a blog with just two long form articles but with over a hundred published articles on third-party websites for promotion.

I do this for a purpose. After all, every visitor who comes to my blog for the first time will read the articles as new content no matter the date of publication. The good news is that there is date exclusion plugin which you can install on your blog if you are using self-hosted Wordpress blog on your domain name. It will remove the date stamp and show undated articles on I blog until I am able to update it.

I prefer to start receiving free targeted traffic to my website on a regular basis before I continue to publish loads of articles on it. This way, I will have the motivation to work harder when I start seeing that the traffic is growing and I am making sales and affiliate commission in the process.

The more website visitors that come to your blog, the more likely you will make money online assuming your sales funnel is properly set up. I am taking the time to explain all these details for you so that you will not treat blog promotion and marketing with kid gloves. If I am not making passive income online from a particular website, the first thing I will investigate is my traffic analytics. How many people are coming to the blog daily?

The least number of visitors to your blog on a daily basis should be about 500 before you can expect to make good sales from it! Statistically, you need at least 100 potential buyers visiting your blog before you can make 1 sale (i.e. one percent CTR.) And this is possible only if the merchant’s landing page is converting at one percent sales conversion rate and above.

In other words, if nothing (i.e. no traffic and sales) is happening in your online business, the first area you should focus your attention and effort on is “website marketing and promotion.” This is why today’s topic is centered on how to promote your website blog and make money on the internet. I am assuming you have properly set up your blog and monetized the content.

How to Promote Your Website Blog

There are two ways to promote your blog on the internet, namely: free advertising methods and paid advertising methods. As the name suggests, free advertising methods are free to implement if you have the time to do it yourself. But it takes time for you to start seeing tangible results from your efforts if you don't have the requisite free website promotion skills at the moment. In other words, it is slow to implement and you can get stuck if you don’t have strong internet marketing skills.

Free advertising methods start with on-page SEO (search engine optimization) and it includes writing and publishing SEO articles on your blog which target low competition keyword phrases. Others are building backlinks to your website, doing article marketing, commenting on other niche related blogs, forum marketing, guest blogging, video marketing, social bookmarking, social networking, issuing press releases, and so forth.

On the other hand, paid online advertising are adverts which you pay for before they are placed and run on other websites which you are targeting. It is definitely NOT free but you can start receiving visitors to your website as soon as it is approved. Examples of paid advertising include PPC (pay per click) such as Google Adwords, media buying, ezine advertising, etc.

In this blog post, I want to quickly show you how to get targeted traffic to your website through article marketing, forum marketing and blog commenting. It is absolutely free but you have to be consistent with it in order to make it work for you.

As for content marketing, if you can write an article a day for your online business promotion, that will come to 365 articles per year. You can also package some of these articles into PDF ebooks and distribute to PDF file sharing sites to increase your visibility and web presence.

The way I go about article marketing is very simple and smart. First, I will research a keyword phrase which is at least 5,000 searches per month. I want a high volume keyword phrase to target because I am not aiming to rank these articles on third party websites in any way.

I want to use it to generate massive backlinks from where it is published and from other webmasters who will publish it on their web properties with my bio box included. Don’t be afraid to provide quality information in your content for your target readers to consume. It will pay big dividends in the long run when your readers perceive you as an expert in the niche market and decide to visit your money site through the links provided in the resource box.

Let’s work with an example. Let’s assume I want to write SEO articles promoting an affiliate product in the “yeast infection treatment” niche market. I will consider the following keyword phrases with their corresponding search volumes for promotion as at the time of writing:

  • Yeast infection treatment – 40,500 searches per month
  • Home remedies for yeast infection – 33,100 searches per month
  • How to get rid of a yeast infection – 14,800 searches per month
  • Yeast infection home remedies – 14,800 searches per month

For me to write quality SEO article for each keyword phrase, I will simply use and other authority blogs and websites to conduct my research. Let’s take the keyword, “how to get rid of a yeast infection.” I will go to and enter the search term.

I will read up on the topic from pages 1 to 5 of Google and take down notes. By going through these websites, you will know what other affiliate marketers are doing and who are the authority bloggers or experts in the niche market. I will pay attention to type of websites if they come up in the search engine results page. You will get lots of information to beef up your content from these authority sites. But don't plagiarize!

When you finish writing your article, you can sign up with article directories such as to publish it or use free web 2.0 properties to publish your articles. You have the opportunity to include links either in your content or resource box back to your money site but don't overdo it.

Few of the free websites are:,,,,,, etc. The free sites which you can sign up with are so many; just look at what others are doing which you believe is getting them results, investigate it and follow suit.

With the help of, you can find and learn anything on the internet. It may take time but you will get it in the end. Getting free targeted traffic from high traffic websites is magical. When I was starting an internet business some years back, I selected a niche market and wrote two articles targeting two separate keywords for the affiliate product I was promoting.

The very first day the 2 articles were published on the article directory where I submitted them to, I made $30.40 affiliate commission. Since then, I have been using this strategy to make money on the internet on a daily basis.

The same system still works today except that you have to research and write long form quality content (i.e. about 1,000 or more words per article) unlike few years ago when 500-word article could do the magic. The idea is to drive as many free targeted traffic to your website as much as possible on a daily or constant basis.

Another good marketing strategy is for you to use social media sites like and to market your blog and link to your money site. Personally, I use pen names to run the majority of my online marketing campaigns in order to keep my business safe from copycats and undesirable elements.

You can also compile your articles into an ebook; use the free PDF software from to convert it to PDF. Submit the electronic book to sites such as,, and so on. The secret to online business success is consistency. I write and submit at least 2 articles a day for promotion. In some days I can write 6 to 10 articles.

If I make $50 a day on a bad day that is still big money for only 1 to 2 hours of work. Many aspiring internet entrepreneurs who are struggling to make money from home online will accept this level of income to paying the bills.

Starting an online business goes beyond starting a blog and loading it with content. You need free targeted traffic on a constant basis to make money online from home if you cannot invest in paid advertising at the moment. Another way to drive free targeted traffic to your money site is forum marketing.

Forum Marketing

In forum marketing, you simply sign up with a forum related to your niche market and start contributing i.e. to ask questions and answer questions on the forum. You either create new threads or answer questions from other members. Your goal is to show your expertise and let them find you through your signature links.

You must be ready to learn about your subject deeply and become the expert. It is the easiest way to make money online from home. I learn different subjects and topics and I have become an expert in new markets which I have never imagined to be possible.

In order to find a niche forum related to your market, use Type the following search term “keyword forums” in the search field and check out the most relevant forums to sign up with. But replace keyword in the preceding example with your niche market. For example,

-Weight loss forums
-Yeast infection forums
-Affiliate marketing forums

When you sign up in any forum, go to your signature file and include your signature links. It will help members to find your website.

Commenting on Blogs

Making blog comments is also very effective. But you have to sign up with Google Alerts so that you can start receiving alerts from Google for your target keywords. Google will send to your email inbox the links to the websites or blogs which use your target keywords as soon as they are found and indexed by the search engine.

All you have to do to set up Google Alerts is a free Google mail account. Enter your search query and select the options in the fields as shown in the screenshot below.

You can also use your “search query +blog” in to find blogs related to your market to comment on. Simply replace the search query with your keyword phrase.

If you do on-page SEO on your blog properly and promote it with article marketing, forum marketing and commenting on niche related blogs, you will instantly fire up your website traffic and make money with affiliate marketing. You can then spice it up with social networking strategies. 

As you can see, starting an online business and making money is a cinch if you take the time to learn the ropes, practice, make mistakes and improve on your strategies. But if you are lazy to get free targeted traffic to your website, you may want to consider this Hot New Traffic System.

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Online Surveys for Cash Guide for Beginners

I can assure you online surveys for cash is one of the best business opportunities which exist at the moment for beginners. If you are presently researching ways to start a business and make money on the internet, this blog post will be of help to you. Web technology and internet access have made it easy for survey takers to get started, hit the ground running and make money from home. Shortly, I will share with you paid surveys secrets which you can implement immediately in your internet business.

The work from home business opportunity you are about to uncover now is simple to start if you are determined to succeed. In case you don’t know, existing and new corporations are constantly engaging market research companies to help them conduct surveys of their products and services. The essence of hiring people to take surveys is to get their opinions which can influence the development of new products or services. It may also help some of these big companies to make necessary improvements on their existing products or services.

As a survey taker, what you need to get started is access to database of reliable market research companies who are willing to sign you up. Unfortunately, there are avalanche of online survey scams flying all over the place. If you are not discerning enough to sift the grain from the chaff, you may end up dissipating your valuable time doing something you will never be paid for. In short, you may also inadvertently give out personal information which you are not even expected to share. This is why I always admonish newbies entering the online paid survey world to be wary of the websites they are signing up with. The fact that it is free to sign up with a site does not make it safe.

The good news for you is that there are also experts in this business field who have gone the whole hog to vet market research companies for reliability and then compile them into a database for ease of reference. These experts know their onions and are constantly reviewing the list of online surveys for cash sites in order to add new ones and delete inactive websites. Definitely, getting access to paid surveys database which is worth its salt is not free because the service providers have invested money and quality time to build websites where you can download the list and get support as well.

But before you go ahead to sign up with my recommended online surveys for cash sites, I want you to learn some of the business secrets which will make you to be successful. It will help you to increase your income and you can possibly quit your day job with time if you have to. For a beginner, it is pretty difficult to make $500 a month from taking surveys for money. But visiting the above website and following their business tips and secrets will help you to live the life of your dream.
With that said, let’s go through some of the secrets of highly successful survey takers.

Secret #1: Create Separate Email Account for Taking Surveys Online

Please listen up if you are wondering why you have to get a new and separate email address when filling out information for market research companies. You will be getting invitations almost on a daily basis from these websites which can quickly clog your inbox. In order not to lose your sanity, it makes good sense to dedicate a new email account for this purpose. It will help you not to miss out on high paying surveys as well because you will be careful when reading every mail which you receive.

You should remember to white list the email addresses of survey sites which you have started working with. It will ensure that the mails from these companies don’t mistakenly go to your junk folder. White listing an email address simply means adding it to your address book.    

Secret #2: Download and Install Auto Fill Program
If you have been in the online surveys for cash business for any length of time, you will discover you are filling out the same information during registration with these websites. However, you will save valuable time if you install auto fill software such as on your laptop or computer. It helps you to auto fill repetitive data which you have saved previously. 

Secret #3: Get an Electronic Payment System Ready

For you to get paid taking surveys online, most of the market research firms require you to have an account with electronic payment system provider. You can create an account with which is the most popular of all e-payment services providers. It is free to sign up with Paypal and you can complete the process in a matter of minutes.

Secret #4: Register with Many Market Research Companies

In order to earn extra income from this program, it is advisable you join lots of online survey sites. The more, the merrier! Depending on the type of website you are joining, you get paid as little as $5 per survey completed or as high as $75. However, you will earn higher if you are eligible to join focus groups. Focus group pays about $150 to $250 which is great. If you are really desirous of making extra income from online surveys for cash, click here to discover fantastic sites to join today. The websites on the list are high paying sites which you may not want to miss.

The above list is few of the business success secrets in the world of online paid surveys. It is easy and straight forward to make money online with this system if you follow the guidance and mentoring of online surveys for cash experts.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Business

If it is your desire to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing business, this article is for you. In case you are not aware, selling any product or service on the internet is not an easy task. In other words, you have to be prepared in advance on this onerous online marketing task because a number of variables must be in sync for you to promote and sell products and services successfully on the World Wide Web. But it is very doable if you are determined to succeed and I will share almost all of my internet marketing secrets in this affiliate marketing guide.

When I teach, I don’t mince words but rather I call a spade a spade so that you don’t feel complacent about starting an online business and making money from home! In this guide, I will discuss how to sell affiliate products with content and be able to make money online fast. It is an actionable report with ideas which you can start implementing almost immediately.

Idea #1: Research a Good Affiliate Product to Promote

Having a good affiliate product or service to promote is important for long term affiliate marketing success. Granted, there is no way an online shopper will know and appreciate the quality of a product until after buying and using it. However, this idea will make sense to you when the product’s refund rate is low and there is positive feedback from buyers when you start selling the product. This is why you have to conduct due diligence when choosing products to promote and sell on the internet.

How do you know that an affiliate product is good? The first step is to use the product yourself before promoting it. You can ask the vendor for review copy or buy it as the case may be so that you can have firsthand experience with the affiliate product. The second step is to read independent testimonials and comments from niche market forums related to the product or service.

You have to be the detective here for you to sift the grain from the chaff. Personally, I take testimonials from the merchant’s sales page with a pinch of salt until I am satisfied with the independent feedback from real users who are not connected to the vendor.

Idea #2: Build an Affiliate Website

Basically, there are three ways to promote affiliate products online, namely:

  1. By building review blog type website,
  2. By building authority blog and promoting affiliate products from it, and
  3. By setting up an opt-in web page or landing page.

Although any of these 3 methods are good ways to make money with affiliate marketing, I strongly recommend building squeeze page website to promote affiliate products. By building lead magnet landing pages, it will help you to establish lasting relationship with your target audience. It is from good relationship that digital marketers are able to sell products and services online with ease.

However, you need the following internet marketing tools to set up a squeeze page seamlessly:

  1. Domain name and web hosting,
  2. Email marketing and list building software,
  3. About 2 to 3 page website including the squeeze page,
  4. Free but quality incentive to give away in exchange of email addresses of your prospects, and
  5. Series of well-written follow-up messages to send to your email list of subscribers on pre-defined days.

But there is no problem if you are not able to start right away with list building campaign in your target niche market. It means you have to work harder by building product review blog interspersed with quality SEO articles to presell the affiliate products you are promoting.

You will be highly successful if you create website blog to review affiliate products and services with stellar content. Most importantly, you have to target buying keywords (i.e. long tail keyword phrases which clearly indicate the intentions of searchers to buy a product or service) and product name keywords.

Idea #3: Get Targeted Traffic to Your Website

The affiliate marketing battle is half won after building content website or blog to review products. The second half of the battle is regularly getting targeted visitors to your blog and converting them into warm prospects or buyers. This is where this report comes in handy. If you study and implement the ideas which I will share in this free affiliate marketing guide, you will be miles ahead of other thousands of affiliate marketers who are struggling to make money on the internet all to no avail.

There are 2 broad ways to get targeted traffic to your website. The first option is to use paid advertising and the second option is free advertising. Again, paid online advertising has many methods such as paid per click (PPC) advertising, media buying, etc. It will cost you money to deploy paid advertising option. But the greatest advantage of paid advertising is that the traffic is instant. In other words, you will start getting visitors to your site as soon as your adverts start running.

As for free online advertising, it is free as the name suggests except when you decide to outsource the work involved instead of doing it yourself. A lot of newbies always start with free advertising methods because it offers the opportunity to learn the ropes without spending money i.e. investing only their time to get the work done.

Free advertising methods include search engine traffic i.e. building search engine optimized blogs and ranking your web pages which will target low competition keyword phrases; article or content marketing; using social media marketing; placing free classified adverts; using forum marketing; guest blogging; making blog comments; to mention a few.

Paid online advertising is beyond the scope of this free affiliate marketing blueprint. Also, I cannot discuss all the free online advertising methods mentioned in this handbook. I am going to concentrate on how to research and write SEO articles or content which you can use to drive website visitors to your landing pages. So, you are not going to invest a dime to learn how to write SEO articles and publish on your blog or third party web properties.

I have strong bias for content marketing to promote affiliate products or to sell my own products. If you understand and deploy search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing strategies in your online business properly, you are rest assured of constant sales in the foreseeable future.

I am going to teach you step by step how to write SEO articles to presell and promote affiliate products and services successfully without breaking a sweat. First and foremost, you have to choose a product to promote. For the sake of this guide, I have selected an affiliate product to promote from Clickbank marketplace based on the criteria discussed in the affiliate challenge video on how to make money with affiliate marketing.

I simply browsed Clickbank marketplace, selected “health & fitness” category, and then “women’s health” sub-category. I selected “gravity” from the “sort results by” options instead of the default setting of “popularity” and the “high to low” radio button remained intact. Also, I selected “results per page” from the default 10 to 50. This is to allow me to search lots of affiliate products at a glance instead of the default 10 products per page.

With my affiliate marketing experience, I will pick the product, “Yeast Infection No More” to promote. If you are at sea on how to research, find and select affiliate products and services to promote from Clickbank marketplace, please download this affiliate marketing ebook.

Now, I am going to research low competition keyword phrases to target in my SEO article writing and marketing campaigns. By going through the merchant’s sales page, I found lots of keyword phrases on the sales letter to start with in my keyword research step. The seed keywords which I selected are:

  • yeast infection no more (i.e. the product name)
  • candida yeast infection
  • yeast infection program
  • holistic candida system
  • treat candida infection
  • candida yeast infection healing system
  • linda allen yeast infection no more
  • linda allen
  • yeast infection no more linda allen
  • chronic yeast infection
  • etc

Additionally, I can enter the URL of the merchant in Google Keyword Planner and generate lots of keywords which the vendor is targeting himself. The goal of this exercise is to find low competition buyer keywords which I can write and publish SEO articles on.

I will not just be hunting for any type of keyword phrases but rather “buying keywords” which will give me a fair chance of making a sale somewhere down the buying cycle. Let me clarify what buying keywords are.

Let’s assume an online shopper is searching for “antivirus software” to buy. Which of the following types of keywords do you think will likely bring you serious searchers who will hopefully buy anti virus product from your affiliate website?

  1. Antivirus
  2. Antivirus software
  3. Buy antivirus software
  4. Buy antivirus software online
  5. Buy Norton antivirus software online

If you ask me, I will go for the fifth keyword which is “buy Norton antivirus software online.” It may have the fewest searches but it is the most targeted keyword phrase which will hopefully generate leads and sales. Below are the types of keywords you should always look out for and target:

  • Product name keyword
  • Product name + author name keyword
  • Problem solution keyword
  • Etc

In the “Yeast Infection No More” affiliate product, I will research long tail keyword phrases similar to:

  • yeast infection no more (i.e. product name keyword)
  • yeast infection no more linda allen (i.e. product name + author name keyword)
  • yeast infection treatment (i.e. problem solution keyword)
  • yeast infection no more program
  • no more yeast infection book
  • yeast infection no more book
  • yeast infection no more by linda
  • no more yeast infection
  • holistic yeast infection cure
  • cure for yeast infection
  • what is the cure for yeast infection
  • cure for candida yeast infection
  • candida yeast infection cure
  • linda allen yeast infection no more
  • how to get rid of yeast infection
  • vaginal yeast infections
  • yeast infection treatment for women
  • yeast infection while pregnant
  • yeast infection treatment natural
  • all natural yeast infection cure
  • all natural remedies for yeast infection

The above search terms are few examples of keywords related to “yeast infection treatment.” But you can quickly find many more search queries from reliable paid keyword research software. This is an essential internet marketing tool which is worth the investment. But in this tutorial, I am using the free Google Keyword Planner to find keywords and then manually analyze the competitiveness of each of them. It takes up valuable time which I can use to promote my blog.

I have written a free internet marketing guide on how to use Google Keyword Planner and analyze every search term of your interest for SEO competition. So, I will not go over it again here. What I want to show you now is how to write SEO articles around low competition keyword phrases.

How to Write SEO Articles Around Keyword Phrases

Let’s assume I want to target the keyword, “all natural remedies for yeast infection.” My first task is to read a lot of articles and publications from web pages which are targeting and ranking for the keyword phrase in I will search Google for the keyword phrase with and without quotation marks which is similar to the screen shots below. I usually focus my reading on the results from pages 1 to 3 of SERP (search engine results page.)

What I will do next is to learn the subject in detail and take down notes. The idea of the study is to come up with superior content which should hopefully trump the competition. For every niche market I am targeting, I also conduct deep research to discover websites, blogs and forums of the real experts. I will quickly subscribe to their newsletters so that I can be on top of the industry's news and information.

Within a week or two, I would have chunk up sufficient knowledge and information to build a mini-expert blog. It is a bit of work but it will pay off in the long run better than being stuck in a day job rut.

When I am done with my reading and taking down of notes, I will create an outline for the keyword phrase I want to write SEO article on. For this example, it is how to write SEO article for the search term, “all natural remedies for yeast infection.”

My outline will look like this:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is a Yeast Infection?
  3. Causes of a Yeast Infection
  4. Natural Remedies for Yeast Infection
  5. Conclusion

When writing my introduction, I will include the keyword, “all natural remedies for yeast infection,” within the first or second sentence. I will also include it once in the body and conclusion of the article. I don’t go beyond keyword density of 2 percent for each article I write.

Here is a secret which have successfully worked for me over the years. Most of the time, I write SEO articles and publish on my blog around buying keywords. It doesn’t matter the number of monthly search volume for the keyword phrase. I can go as low as 10 searches per month for a buyer keyword. But within the same article, I will include related search queries with high search volumes.

While you are working towards ranking your web page for your target search term, you will be amazed how much additional traffic from other keyword phrases that your blog will be getting which you did not even optimize for. For instance, “all natural remedies for yeast infection” has only 40 searches per month from United States of America (USA).

If I were to write an SEO article for the keyword phrase and publish it, I will simply follow the above outline. The search volumes per month for some of the phrases in the outline above are:

“What is a Yeast Infection?” This key phrase is searched 18,100 per month from US target market as of writing. “Causes of a Yeast Infection.” This key phrase is searched 1,300 per month from US target market as of writing.

In other words, I have a fighting chance of getting free targeted traffic from people searching for,

  1. What is a Yeast Infection?
  2. Causes of a Yeast Infection
  3. Or any other ancillary but similar keywords otherwise known as latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords.

In summary, you should always write and publish SEO articles on your blog around:

  • buyer keywords
  • list type articles
  • how to articles
  • product reviews articles

However, when marketing with content on third party websites or blogs and/or building backlinks to your website pages, aim for general type of key phrases with monthly high search volumes. The benefit of following this simple but powerful idea is priceless.

You can read similar articles targeting your search terms and study their writing styles, content presentation, affiliate links placement, ways of displaying compensation disclosure, legal and earnings disclaimer, and so on. Learn from the best and become the hybrid affiliate marketer.

You can read up on how to make money with affiliate marketing and watch associated videos from the links below:

Click Here to Download The Affiliate Challenge Video Course

To your affiliate marketing success!